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ComponentsPlus™ is a U.S. manufacturer with 30+ years experience making heat-treated metal stampings for a multitude of industries. We created the TracksPlus skid steer track in 2002, bringing a superior engineered product to the public.

As farm owners ourselves, we were shocked at the price to replace skid steer tracks. We believed the prices quoted were outrageous. We used our existing resources and metallurgical expertise to create a stamped, heat-treated skid steer track that was reliable, economical and superior to those already on the market.

TracksPlus skid steer tracks from ComponentsPlus™ uses a patented heat treat process to create the hardest and strongest material in the industry. TracksPlus tracks are not your typical steel forgings or castings – they are superior engineered heat-treated steel weldments.

TracksPlusskid steer tracks provide superior wear characteristics and are up to 50% lighter. Best of all, they are affordable to all users!

Utilizing our high volume steel consumption and in-house heat-treating capacity, ComponentsPlus™ offers TracksPlus skid steer tracks beginning at $1,368.00/set! Comparable tracks in the market place generally list in the $2,000 - $2,500 range.

ComponentsPlus™ also offers replacement molded rubber tracks for your skid loaders, & mini excavators.


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