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Tracks Plus Tracks And Attachments


I purchased a set of tracks for my Bobcat S185, tracks shipped fast, assembled and installed in 2 hours. WOW, what an improvement the tracks made to the machine! The tracks changed the skid steer into a piece of equipment that I can use in all seasons and conditions. A week ago, I was almost buried in a wet spot. With the tracks on the machine, made many passes loaded and unloaded thru same spot, zero issues. I regret that I waited 4 years to get a set, get yours today.

- Aaron, Ohio


Ordered a set of tracks for my Case 1845c skid steer and I am extremely happy with the product. It's like having a whole new machine that can move through anything. I would highly recommend. Tracks Plus Tracks are high quality and built right.

- Nicholas, Windham, Maine


Because of the tracks, I can utilize my 10,000-pound skid steer with a brush mower attachment to easily cut trails through our wetlands leaving less or no ruts having tracks on compared to the ruts I left using our 800-pound lawn mower. I had my first set of tracks for 2-3 years and never had any issues. I only sold them because I upgraded my skid-steer and needed a bigger set. Anytime I had questions or potential issues (purchasing or utilizing a new set or maintaining existing), Tracks Plus stood behind their product 100% and went above and beyond to ensure top customer care and performance. In between replacing and upgrading skid steers, I didn't have tracks on for a couple of months and that confirmed I would never own another wheel skid steer without tracks! Thanks Component's Plus!

Nick - Nick's Repair 


Dear TracksPlus, 

I am a small farmer from Wisconsin. I farm 100 acres and this previous spring (2019) was extremely wet. The front end of my tractor sunk in and before I went any further, I backed right out. I purchased a set of Tracks Plus Steel Tracks, put them on my skid loader and went right through all the water, muck, and mud. I had to remove 20-30 fence posts that I wasn't able to get to before and was able to sail right to them with Tracks Plus Steel Tracks on. I am extremely happy with these tracks and would highly recommend Tracks Plus Steel Skid Steer Tracks. 

Gerald - Fall River, Wisconsin


Dear TracksPlus,

I have purchased a set of tracks from your company. They work very well and so far have exceeded my excpectations. With TracksPlus tracks I have been able to plow snow, harvest trees, and carry the logs down the road for distribution in many types of conditions. The terrain varies from relatively flat to some 5% grades. The pads effectively grab ice. Overall I am extremely pleased with the pads. 

Russel Posey - Tracksplus Winter Tracks Customer - Alaska 


Taylor's  Nursery, INC. 

Since 2014, Taylor’s nursery has been running all 8 off our skid steers with Components Plus: Tracks Plus tracks. The tracks provide us smoother travel with the same durability and longevity as the previous company we were using. Most importantly, Tracks Plus allow us to harvest trees for our customers under any field condition. We have been very satisfied with the tracks and the customer service has always been a pleasure.
Since 2014, 8-14 sets have been purchased.

Troy Kuhns 

Taylor's Nursery, INC


McKay Nursery Company  
McKay Nursery has a fleet of 18 skid steers, seven of which are served by steel tracks.Even before the Ford Motor Company began or before the Wright Brothers defied gravity at Kitty Hawk, Billy McKay began serving retail and wholesale landscape customers in Wisconsin. For the record the year was 1897. Implementing sound business practices that gave his nursery a strong foundation in trade, McKay’s business would thrive even during the economic hard times of the Great Depression, during World War II and in the six decades that have since followed. Continuing their long-standing policy of remaining debt-free, today McKay Nursery serves over 20,000 retail customers and 400 wholesale accounts across the United States… and to get the job done McKay Nursery has committed itself to ComponentsPlus’ TracksPlus™ skid steer tracks. McKay’s Land and Equipment Manager Tom Hoesly explained to ComponentsPlus that the management style of those who own McKay’s is one of the reason’s it remains successful. “McKay Nursery is employee owned and operated,” explains Hoesly. “Capital expenditure planning is done quite publicly. Crews and departments are asked to literally submit budget ‘wish lists’. Those requests go to the management advisory committee, which then recommends to the board of directors a trimmed list. Since short and long range planning is closely tied to that budget, the same people are involved in that process. We then publish the budgeted list and copies are made available. That has helped us communicate the short-term direction of the company. It has also resulted in excellent value as people have contributed sources for purchases that management might have missed and ideas for creating function-improving ‘inventions’ come from us as employees. The TracksPlus™ skid steer track is one of those function-improving products.” McKay Nursery has 18 skid steers and seven of the 18 have steel tracks on them. “We would not be able to operate without steel tracks,” Hoesly reports, “Our skid steers will always have steel tracks.” McKay Nursery purchased their first TracksPlus™ skid steer track in March 2003. It has been in service constantly, currently has 1,000+ hours on the tracks and still operating beyond their expectation. “The largest advantage of the TracksPlus™ track is that they cost less than one-half of what we’ve been currently buying,” Hoesly says, “Other advantages are the smoother ride, lighter weight, reduced machine maintenance and the skid steers are easier on fuel with TracksPlus™ tracks on them.” When McKay Nursery purchased competitor Loegering tracks at a higher price, they were forced to rebuild the tracks, costing $400-$500 plus a day in the shop with two workers cleaning and rebuilding the tracks. Hoesly comments’ “For about the same price we can now purchase a new set of TracksPlus™ tracks. This allows the shop to work on something more productive to the McKay business.” McKay Nursery grows 550 varieties of trees, shrubs and perennials on 1,800 acres of land. They will continue to buy TracksPlus™ skid steer tracks from ComponentsPlus because, as Hoesly explains, “We must perform our job efficiently and always with an eye to cost, and ComponentsPlus helps us do exactly that.”


Bargabos Dirt Works
I have been a self employed grading contractor for over 12 years. I have about 20,000 hours operating time operating skid steer loaders. I run tracks all year round. When the call comes in and the job needs to be done, with TracksPlus on the machine, the job will usually get done. I have owned different types of tracks and the tracks were good. For your money TracksPlus is by far the best set of tracks on the market that I know of. Most of my work is done around new construction. As for me, tracks are a very good investment. For a under $1400 investment I can keep a $40,000 machine moving in most conditions.

Art Bargabos BARGABOS DIRT WORKS Lynchburg, VA



 Dear TracksPlus,

I recently purchased a set of your tracks for my 1990 New Holland L-555. I would not have believed the difference they could make if I hadn't experienced it myself. I was able to go places and do things I would never have attempted without the tracks...and in the rain too! It's like having a new machine!
I purchased mine a few weeks after we installed a set on my best friend's LS170. He is still talking about the difference they make and how much work you can now accomplish in a day. We worked side by side for two days (he with tracks and me without) and he would often have to "muck-out" an area for me to work in or I would just sit there high centered with my tires spinning. We are SOLD on TracksPlus!

Hank - South Carolina 



We LOVE the tracks, and realize that our skid steer loader was pretty worthless on our property with wheels alone. The tracks have enabled us to do all the work that we needed to do. Our property is quite hilly and the wheels always got stuck. The tracks are awesome and we highly recommend them to anyone who is considering buying them. A super product for a very reasonable price! Thank you!



Texas Baptist Men

I have owned wheeled skid loaders for the past 10 years. This year I found the need for a set of tracks to enable me to do volunteer cleanup after the fires in Bastrop, Texas.  After receiving the tracks from TraksPlus I immediately went to work. These tracks were amazing and made my John Deere 320 seem like a completely different machine. Over the next three months I put them to the test. They worked excellent in the dry,sandy, hilly terrain we were working in. I also abused them by climbing on and off of concrete slabs and removing the collapsed rock walls and ash debris. Whatever I needed to do, these tracks showed no fault, wether it was in rocks, sand, over logs or up into piles of burnt and twisted metal. I am completely satisfied from the ease of installation to the service they have proved. I highly recommend TraksPlus tracks for you skid loader.



Charles Carroll

Texas Baptist Men

Disaster Relief