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Components Plus’s understanding of steel properties and the heat treating process is extensive, and we constantly look for methods to provide quality and value in our products. This knowledge was the basis behind our 3TPlus™ TechnologyComponents Plus’s in house heat-treating capabilities and expertise assures our customers the highest quality throughout the manufacturing process. It is the 3TPlus™ that provides a competitive advantage against other suppliers.

In-house heat treating is the foundation of Components Plus’s objective to be the premier worldwide manufacturer of tracks and heat treated stampings. This affords us total control of the critical process that either “makes or breaks” the products we manufacture. Components Plus’s 30 plus years heat treating experience allows us to develop the correct process to match your application.

Austempering is a heat treatment that, when applied to ferrous materials, produces a structure that is stronger and tougher than comparable structures and tougher than comparable structures produced with conventional heat treatments. No subsequent tempering is generally needed with this process

  •  The Austempering process produces its hardened structure gradually
  •  Austempering’s relatively high temperature quenching provides many advantages:

                   -Transformation stresses dissipate gradually

                   -Increase plasticity from controlled transformation stages

                   -Smaller volume change is associated with this transformation

Austempering assures you:

  •  Increased hardness and ductility
  •  Increased impact strength
  •  Quench crack elimination
  •  Eliminated scale or decarb
  •  Minimal distortion and size change
  •  Lot to lot uniformity

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